About Us

Some might say "setting industry standards" and "unmatched customer satisfaction" are simply just clichés, well at Oakley Sub Assembly they are the way we do business, period.


30 years ago Oakley started with a single plant and a process for assembling tires and wheels that was simple, cost effective and would set a new standard for the industry. 30 years later with 6 plants in the U.S. and Canada, these tried and proven methods have launched Oakley to the forefront of tire and wheel suppliers in the automotive industry.

What makes Oakley so different? How are our methods superior? Well, at Oakley the first rule has always been: "Do it right the first time". This rule is based on a process of reduced material handling, which reduces errors and provides the highest level of quality. The result is lower production costs, while delivering the product to the customer on schedule.

Oakley has developed standards for error checking and redundancy that allows the assembly of the tire and wheel to be streamlined. The process of balancing, auditing, and tire pressure monitoring are performed on each and every assembly with the highest quality standards. As new industry requirements such as uniformity verification are implemented, Oakley enhances them. This allows us to be on the cutting edge of these new technologies.

Our team has also worked extensively with its vendors in developing methods of data capture and reporting. This allows us to set the highest quality standards. Our feedback to the automotive engineers results in reduced defects and warranty claims. This is where Oakley truly separates itself from its competitors.

Our mission was to set the standard; after 30 years we simply keep raising the bar.